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Korea National Contemporary Dance Company

Established in 2010, the Korea National Contemporary Dance Company (KNCDC) is Korea's only nationally-funded contemporary dance company. In collaboration with leading Korean and international artists, KNCDC aspires to produce and present contemporary dance performances that will reach out to audiences of all generations and sectors of society across the nation of Korea, with a variety of themes touching on history, society, and daily life in today's world. Following the company's first three Artistic Directors Hong Seungyup, Ahn Aesoon and Ahn Sungsoo, Nam Jeongho has now taken the helm as KNCDC's fourth Artistic Director.




Another focus of KNCDC is bringing fun to contemporary dance. Rather than pursuing abstruse and ambiguous pieces, the company seeks to introduce performances that the audience can intuitively understand, sympathize with, and enjoy. The company also hopes to reach out to a broader audience by offering performances that people will want to return and watch again, which will contribute to the expansion of the audience base for contemporary dance in Korea.